An update on gambling within football

This is just a quick update to outline the changes being brought in by the FA in regard to football players gambling on football. 

It has been announced that there will now be a complete blanket ban on all forms of players gambling within the game. The new betting rules will come into force on 1st August. From that date any player found to gambling on any game within football will be found to be in breach of the rules.

It’s worth noting that these rules apply only to players playing in the Premiership all the way down to Northern, Southern and Isthmian leagues.

The FA’s decision to change the rules is definitely a welcome one as it simplifies and makes them much easier to understand for players. It will effectively wipe out any cases of players gambling inadvertently on matches they genuinely thought they were allowed to gamble on.

The full FA statement can be read here.



  1. Thank you for this post. Though the law on gambling within football is not very developed in my country, such posts help me keep abreast with developments in sports law and also provide a basis for comparison with local situations. good job.

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