Studying law at university is a strange one. On your first day you arrive fresh faced and expecting to challenge the boundaries of injustice but at some point during the first semester, it dawns on you that in reality, much of your learning comes down to reciting decades old cases that would never see the light of day in practice. We all need foundations and it largely comes down to the individual on how they build on these foundations. 

That’s why I’ve started this blog. My interests lie predominantly in sports law but the encompassing nature of that sector means I also have a keen interest in commercial, real estate and financial law. I’m in my final year of studying law at undergraduate level at The University of Sheffield and I plan to go on to study the LPC. I’ll be using this blog largely to comment on current events in sports law and the surrounding areas but I’ll also note down life in general as an aspiring solicitor from time to time which may be of interest to those in a similar position to me, regardless of their fields of interest.

If you’d like to contact me further on anything I discuss then you can tweet me (@LiamSmithLaw) or via e-mail (


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